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3 Basic Tips For Commercial Foundation Waterproofing

  • April 18, 2017
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Commercial buildings are way different than your average residential building. They are not only larger but also go through significant wear and tear over the years. Hence, they require a lot of maintenance. The best place to start with is the foundation of your commercial building. For this, you need to be aware of how important basement waterproofing is as a flooded basement can cause serious health problems.    

Commercial Foundation Waterproofing

Here we are going to discuss the things that are essential to waterproof your basement and make your commercial building a safe and secure place to work in:

  1. Hire a Professional

One of the most important part of maintaining the foundation is to ensure it is waterproof. This will require a professional, for which you need to consider the following things:

  • Experience – Not all contractors will offer you the same level of professionalism, experience and of course results. So, it is important that you pay special consideration to his/her experience in the particular field.

The best choice would be to go for the contractor that has the experience in commercial foundations. They will have a well trained team, professional attitude and would be better able to provide you the references of their work. Make sure the contractor you hire for your foundation repair can understand commercial foundations and give you a long term solution.

  • Price – The higher the price, the better the quality, is not always the case. You may also be tempting to go for a contractor that could save you money. Both the options are not right! Make sure you weigh the price with the expertize of the contractor and do a thorough research before selecting one.
  • Compare the Systems – There are a number of systems for foundation waterproofing. Consider the different systems, contractor’s expertise in them and select that suits your situation the best. You can achieve this by comparing the solutions by going through their pros and cons and then determine which could benefit you the most in long term.
  1. Methods

There are a lot of methods to treat the basement repairs such as Epoxy based waterproofing treatment, wall coatings and sealants, use of sump pumps among many others. Every method has different processes, completion time and cost. So, take the proper decision regarding what exactly your commercial basement need.

  1. Estimate

Get an estimate of the job cost from different contractors. Ask relevant questions such as how long will the job take to complete? Are there any hidden fees? Do they provide any guarantees for their work? Also, make sure you ask for an estimate of the job. Asking all these questions will prepare you better for what to expect.

These are a few of the tips that will help you in waterproofing the basement of your commercial building. As it is a long term investment, make a smart and cautious decision. If your basement needs repair, contact us and avail our experienced services with certified warranty!

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